Little Rock Attorney Greg Bryant

The law is a very complicated thing.  A lawyer’s experience, judgment and loyalty to a client are what makes a lawyer.  I am a trial lawyer.  I have been a trial lawyer since 1982. For over 30 years I have made all of my clients a promise to litigate their case vigorously.  It doesn’t matter if we take your case to trial before a judge or jury.  My goal is to protect your rights and ensure a successful result.

Here are the types of cases I have handled over the past 30 years.  Not all of the clients I represent have been charged with criminal offenses. If your case is in federal court or state court.  If you case involves a homicide, drug offenses, gun charges (especially in federal courts where the penalties can be severe) I have probably handled something like it. But I don’t only handle criminal cases.

Many of the clients I represent are in the Family Law courts.  Divorces involving child custody dispute and fights over property is where a litigation attorney is needed.   Knowing that your lawyer has the experience and a seasoned judgment are important concerns you should have with your lawyer.  And when there is a dispute with family members over a Will, it is very, very important to have experience on your side. But it doesn’t end there, I represent many clients involved in disputes with businesses, consumer rights.

Experience is not only important, you have to be assured that when you hire a lawyer, your case is his or her priority.  With me, my goal is to make you feel like your case is the only one I have.

I value your privacy and I guarantee I will provide you with effective, affordable legal services. I have worked hard for my reputation for quality work and efficiency. Client satisfaction is my top priority.

For more detailed, specific information, or to discuss the areas in which can be of assistance to you, please call me today at 501-375-3344.