Client Reviews

Solid Attorney

Mr. Bryant proved to be very perceptive and compassionate in regards to the what would benefit his client best. Many people judge a lawyer by his ability to get people “off”. Sometimes compromises have to be made that will benefit a client in the long run, such as rehabilitation vs. less prison time.
In this case, prison time would not have solved the underlying problem leading to criminal misconduct. Prison/boot camp would have resulted in a higher chance of his client becoming a repeat offender. Mr. Bryant argued the case of this particular client with determination and eloquence, resulting in a chance for his client to obtain the rehabilitation that offered this client the optimal chance to “break the cycle”.
Mr. Bryant seems to genuinely care about his clients. He tries to talk to his clients in laymen terms. He does not try to impress by talking over his client’s heads. He was very conscientious about his performance as an attorney.
Just for the record, just because a professional has a warning/suspension &/or reprimand does not necessarily fairly reflect on that person’s true abilities. It happens more frequently than most people realize to the very best of professionals. Sometimes it is actually a reflection of how far someone will go to try to get the job done.

- (5 star review)