Probate/Wills and Trusts

Emotions can run high in a family after the death of a loved one, and these feelings can become bitter and resentful if there is a family fight over an inheritance. This can be especially difficult if the estate is a very large one, no matter how many relatives are involved. Rather than allow this sad event to occur, you can prevent that problem now by contacting an experienced Probate Attorney and having that professional draw up a valid will or trust as part of your estate planning.

Greg Bryant Attorney At Law

Clients in the Little Rock, Arkansas region have learned to rely on the legal services of Greg Bryant Attorney At Law. They are loyal fans and constantly refer friends to his office when they need legal services, including wills and trusts. Greg has provided excellence in legal matters since 1982, when he began practicing law in this area. His expertise in law extends to other areas besides litigation regarding Probate of estates, including Family Law and Federal and State Criminal Defense.

Attorney Greg Bryant

If you are concerned about your estate planning and needs for a will or trust to preserve assets and keep family arguments to a minimum, contact Attorney Greg Bryant now. He is an experienced Arkansas Probate Lawyer who can counsel you on the best ways to minimize taxes and make sure that your final wishes are followed after death or in the event you become incapacitated.

If your estate is sizeable, you may decide to set up a trust for asset and property management. Without a valid legal document such as a trust or will, your estate will move in to Probate Court, where a judge will appoint someone to distribute and/or manage your estate. Their actions may differ from your wishes, so it is essential to take action today to protect your estate.

Arkansas Probate Lawyer

If you are dealing with an estate already in Probate Court, or you wish to avoid future Probate issues and challenges to your wishes, set up an appointment with the experienced Arkansas Probate Lawyer clients trust. Contact Attorney Greg Bryant at his Little Rock, AR, law office now by calling (501) 375-3344.